The easy, flexible way to manage your postage expenses

Neopost's MAS (mail accounting software) is designed for businesses with more sophisticated needs than those provided by a standard franking machine. MAS will collect, maintain and report on mail accounting data, helping you track and better control your business mail expenses. Productivity is naturally enhanced, with better management of all aspects of mail reporting and budgeting.

  • Consolidate from multiple machines in multiple locations
  • Export data in the suitable format for analysis
  • Better Cost Control & Easier Analysis for Financial Administration

A Reliable, Flexible Solution for Mailroom Management

MAS can be used from any computer with appropriate network access - there's no need to install software on every user's PC. The easy-to-use, customisable user interface provides instant access to all mail data, in all mailrooms, in real time.

Neopost MAS enables auditable editing and exports of data, ensuring enhanced data management at your business. Data is automatically updated for absolute accuracy, and access to data is made simple via the peripheral view dashboard which provides always-on monitoring of activity in an unobtrusive way. The system offers unlimited account levels, offering users access to the information they need, when and where they need it.

Better Cost Control & Easier Analysis for Financial Administration

Advanced data analysis comes easily with Neopost MAS, which ensures the integrity of your mail data. For example, accurate information as to what mail data was changed, who changed it and when is made available in seconds. Budget tracking is simplified; mail class usage, surcharges and assignment of expenses per department are all easily available. To make data analysis even easier, users can command graphic presentations of reports whenever they wish.

94% of the mail operators who transmit a report to their superior do it in paper form

A Simple, Quick & Easy-to-use System for Machines Operation

With easy and flexible access to the information you need, you save time and increase your productivity. The MAS interface is simple to use, customisable and offers support for users in 4 languages. Most common user reports can be displayed, while the job is being processed. Moreover, you can take advantage of the data collected by MAS to get the best postal discounts