Get Incoming Mail Faster to Where it's Supposed to be

Low Volumes

Neopost IM-16

The Neopost IM-16 letter opener eliminates the problem of damaged documents. That’s because the IM-16 is designed to keep the contents of your mail safe...

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Mid Volumes

Letter opening systems IM-30/35
Neopost IM-35

Neopost letter openers IM-30/35: your desktop mail extractors

Technology once only for large corporations now is affordable for any business. Introducing the first desktop letter opener extractor on the market - IM-30...

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High Volumes

Neopost IM-75

IM-75 Mail opening machines, your Professional Incoming Mail Processing Solution

Automation of this process with the Neopost IM-75 results in a substantial saving of time and reduces the likelihood of errors. It also takes the strain out...

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