Increase Productivity while keeping Cost down

A typical Small and Medium Business that sends over 20 packages a day can spend up to 2 hours a day of resource time in physically measuring a package, selecting a courier, filling a shipping label and coordinating a collection time. Welltec Bedal can cut that down to 20 minutes - that's one package per minute

Integrate with Bedal

Optimization through Bedal reduces waste, improves decision making and drives customer retention.
The tradition way of parcel preparation and acceptance is cumbersome and risk prone. Your business can now improve order to ship metrics through affordable automation. Bedal 3S ensures package dimensions and weight are accurately captured and presented in your shipping platform for onward processing.
Our clients on average save up to 10% on shipping charges and see a vast improvement in resource efficiency.

Main Features

  • Auto dimension & weight data capture
  • Image capture
  • Multiple communication ports (add-on's)
  • External integrated (BSC enable intgration)
  • Small product footprint
  • Mobile functionality (capable to mount on trolley
  • Friendly user experience
  • Easy to install and support
  • Low cost of ownership (ROI)
  • Certified and tested