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Highly specific local characteristics for mailing systems

Applying a postmark with a franking machine effectively means printing money. As a result, the industry is highly regulated by accreditation, ownership rules and postal tariff structures, which are national in nature. This means that each country is a quite specific market.
A franking machine can only be used subject to certification, accreditation of the supplier and approval of the ink used, by each country’s postal authority.
In some markets, Neopost remains the owner of franking machines installed at the premises of its customers, who must therefore rent the machines. This is the case in France. In North America, the obligation to rent equipment is limited to the meter, the part that tallies the franked amounts. In other markets, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, the user may own the entire machine.
In most countries, the user’s system must be credited to be able to frank mail. In France, postal charges are billed by La Poste on the basis of information recorded and transmitted by the franking machine every month.
The amount is calculated on the basis of the postage rates in effect in each country, based on the weight of the item. In the United States and the United Kingdom, in particular, the amount also depends on its shape and size.


Neopost is able to cover market needs thanks to its direct sales teams, dedicated call centres and technicians who provide on-site and hotline services. The entire Neopost distribution network is given the necessary training and assistance to best serve customers and anticipate their needs.


With 75% of sales generated outside France, Neopost already has a very strong international presence. North America - the world’s largest market - accounts for 40% of its business and the Group is continuing to see strong growth in this region. Neopost is also expanding by means of extending its geographical coverage in other parts of the world.