Innovative Automatic Staple Removal

It beneficial for the people who frequently remove staples such as Scanning service provider, School, Cram school, law firm, Accounting firm, Freight forwarder, Government office, Administrative agency and many more.

It has 3 benefits of ERZ-30
1. Dramatically reduce staple removal time.
2. Greatly reduce fatigue of staple removal task
3. Cleanly remove staple with no additional damage to documents.

Electronic Stapler Removal

Quick and easy staple removal
- Align the staple with the LED light for fast and efficient staple removal with easy one-touch operation.

Clean removal
- Reduce document damage with neat and clean staple removal. Remaining staple marks are small with no additional damage or tearing to the documents.

Heavy duty and flexible
- Removing staples from a batch of documents up to 30 sheets and support various standard size staples.

Convenient staple bin
- A blinking indicator light will notify the user when staple bin is full so it can be emptied.


Capacity - Up to 30 sheets
Removal Depth - Max. 27mm from paper edge
Applicable staple type - NO.10, NO.11, NO.3, NO.35, NO.20FE, NO.70E, NO.110E, Copier finisher staples
Dimension/Weight - W 126 x D 273 x H 105 mm / 2kg
Power source - DC24V, 2.5A
Power consumption - Approx 60W