Compact & Functional

NeoSmart Mini Digital Billboard is ideal as information stands for showrooms and retails.

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Unleashing Compact Functionality in Digital Signage Across Malaysia

Enhance your showroom and retail spaces with the NeoSmart Mini Digital Billboard – an exceptional choice for dynamic digital signage displays, including digital standees, in Malaysia. This compact marvel is not just a digital screen display; it's a versatile digital signboard designed to seamlessly blend into any environment. NeoSmart Mini Digital Billboard is the ideal solution for captivating audiences and delivering information effectively. Elevate your customer experience with the latest in digital display technology, ensuring your showroom and retail spaces stand out. Stay ahead in showcasing promotions effortlessly with this reliable and customizable digital signboard, perfectly tailored for the evolving landscape of digital signage in Malaysia.


Screen size

Available from 10.2 inch to 21.5 inch



Operating system



NFC, WiFi, LAN x1, USB x2

  • On-Signage Cloud App
  • Mobile mount

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