Roll To Roll Laminators

POD Laminators

RTR-380 / RTR-380 COMBI


As the best-optimized fit for laminating labels & photos etc., the performance of this machine provides roll to roll laminating solutions for easy & convenient operation that brings high productivity. On top of it, this machine can laminate various kinds of substrate such as metalic foil.



  • Labels
  • Posters, Menu
  • Photo Album Covers & Inner Pages
  • Gift & Greetings Cards
  • Name Card Lamination with Spot Sleeking(Fusing)
  • Anti Counterfeit Lamination
  • Security Printing on Gift Certificate

GMP RTR-380 / RTR-380 Combi


Main Features
  • High Glossy Lamination
  • Hot & Cold Lamination
  • Decurling Device for Single Side Lamination
  • Microprocessor for Pre-Programmed Functions
  • Far-more upgraded productivity by solid & stable mechanism
  • Speed & Temperature Control System with Digital Mode
  • Sleeking Solution with Auto Rewinding Device
  • Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operator-centric convenient control & quality output productivity