The intelligent high-performance mailing system that optimizes your mail processing

An intelligent high-performance inserting system that streamlines your mail processing, the Neopost DS-1200 G4 offers total flexibility in mail processing from a few hundred letters per day right up to high monthly volumes. Almost any system configuration is available from a simple 2 station machine to a highly sophisticated 16 station installation.

  • Comes standard with Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS-100)
  • Real time internal control provides total mail security and closed loop tracking
  •  Wide variety of inserts, from flyers and return envelopes through to thick booklets and even CD's can be fed from a range of insert feeders
  • High capacity removable trolleys can be loaded off-line, directly from a printer


High Productivity Intelligent Mailing Solutions For Heavy Use

DS-1200 G4, the 4th generation of Neopost inserter offers even more flexibility and efficiency for your mail processing and scores with its ease of use. With the IMOS-touch screen monitor, you can program jobs within seconds, and select job change easily. 

The system will adapt to all of your transactional, transpromotional, and personalized direct mail applications.

With AIMS 1000 software we can adapt to 3rd party folder inserter for (Closed Loop) solution fully integrated.


Main Features
  • Speed: up to 12,000 envelope/hour
  • Job memory: Unlimited
  • Set thickness: Up to 8 mm
  • Can handle up to C4 envelope
  • Touch screen PC control
  • Envelope weight calculation 
  • Postal report
  • Full modularity from 1 to 16 feeders 
Optional Features
  • Accumulation before folding 
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) 
  • BCR (Barcode Recognition)
  • 2D Datamatrix 
  • Document feeder capacity: 5,000 or 2,000
  • Franking machine interface